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Good Motorcycle roads - Tullebudgera creek

Tullebudgera Creek RoadI found this one day by chance, as mentioned in another post I was investigating the ghost road on Google Maps that seems to go up the side of Springbrook mountain on the south-eastern side. Or in other words the Springbrook road appears to continue instead of ending at the English Gardens cafe. Knowing there was no road I decided to use it as an excuse to explore around the mountain.


This road would be a good ride to do after (or before) riding the Currumbin valley. It would work well as an add on after riding from Murwillumbah and turning onto the Tullebudgera Connection rd which brings you onto this road which I would actually normally ride out to the highway not aware of what lie to the west. Simply turn left and ride the 16 k's to the end at the base of Springbrook.

The road is straight for maybe 1 k then some gentle curves followed by some excellent sweepers. The road has 3 stages it changes then presents another series of excellent corners and then narrows at the end with some one lane bridges but still yet another series of nice corners.

The locals obviously know about it as saw a few sports cars taking a punt along but I have never heard bikers suggest this road before. Add on the nearby Currumbin rock pool road road (beyond Currumbin range road) and you have about 50 k of curves - not bad at all!
Another road nearby

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