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Motorcycle Paradise

Sunday afternoon motorcycle ride.

I chanced the weather this afternoon and from what I can gather, I got lucky!

I ran into a few damp spots where rain had been and looking behind me at stops cold see rain in the distance coming in and back home watched the radar show the rain had indeed followed me.

So examining the MV yet again I can state two good points are the power is indeed very nice on the more open roads, like those I traveled on today. That was and still is a weak point on the Buell and perhaps on the lower hp v-twins in general. Riding them requires some amount of thought before pulling out to pass cars. The extra power with this bike means I can pass cars sooner and quicker not needing a big space as the acceleration is so very quick in comparison.

Another good point is the bike turns corners at speed better than the Buell as well. That is to say the Buell at higher pace had a resistance to turning which is to do with the weight being low in the bike. This issue used to happen on the Moto-GP bikes in the Wayne Gardiner era and he was very vocal to the factory that the weight needed to move up a touch to aid turning at speed - which was confirmed later.

Now its not all roses, that weight down low in the Buell is the reason it is so stable and rides over bumps like they don't exist despite having 250Gp bike steering angle. And as for the power well the less powerful engine in the Buell went a lot further on fuel than this guzzler.

I managed to get some comfort by moving the Airhawk cushion forward as far as I could fit it. The suspension on the MV is still harsh , I am at a loss to know why after all the money spent on it - I guess I have to take it back to the suspension shop as they simply must not have done the job correctly. I think I can improve the inline 4 handlebar buzz by fitting the old foam type hand grips and filling the bars with silicon. The on/off throttle is another issue - couple of ideas are put a softer return spring on the throttle and replace the cat converter with straight pipe which will free the engine up down low and more hp through the rev range.

So am I thinking of keeping it now? - perhaps - at present I dont have a choice as there really isnt any clear solution out there for me. Thourght about trading the bike on M109R but dealers wouldnt trade it, probably as no money in it for them due to the very high value of this bike which is fair enough. Then was going to buy the other bike outright but other unforseen factors came into play - which turned out to be a blessing for now I have had a very good feedback report on the M109R from a fellow Buell rider who did a 500km day of riding and his report really has blown it out of the running for me completely. (Feel extra sorry for my long suffering local Suzuki dealer who I have messed about big time over this bike - but better that than make a big mistake)

So other options are still another Buell, and I am yet to resolve the same issues I had before which are the power on open higher speed roads like those today and other's I tour on was not enough with the Buell so then will I simply end up modding the exhaust again to gain more power and bea back with the noise problems that made me sell my last Buell - very possibly. Other options are the MT-01 or another Speed Triple, both bikes that I like the engines in alot. The MT I wonder if it would tire me due to its weight. The Triumph is also a gamble, the last one I had used to tire me out turning it, the new ones have a much steeper angle steering but then they require a steering damper as they shake their heads on bumpy roads easy and the chassis is same as on my '98 bike which was easy to overwhelm.

So for now the MV wins simply by default it seems and I wait for the '08 model range to release.

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