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Quick Southwest Rides

Quick ride ideas on the southside.

I know many riders go north as its seen as the quick/lesser distance ride however some options exist on the south that are quick.

For a start you can actually do a pretty good ride in the Gold Coast hinterland and be back after lunch however even shorter ride would be simply Mt Tamborine which I dont really speak alot about however it is popular for many riders.

From Beenleigh there are two routes so perhaps take a different one each way. Try the Beenleigh-Beaudesert rd one way and the Waterford-Tamborine rd the other way. Both actually have some nice curves in a few spots and are not boring rides. The climb up Tamborine isnt much however you can loop about the top a number of ways perhaps take one of the other climbs down and back up or simply have brekky or lunch or afternoon coffee and return - its quite easy to complete this in a few hours.

Another idea is form a loop of you own design that takes in Boonah - Beaudesert - Canungra. Perhaps via Tamborine or via Lake Moogerah or via Darlington for something completely different. You can really just hop on your motorcycle and make it up as you go, lots or scenic rural views and easy pace riding for a Sunday arvo.

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