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Motorcycle Paradise

Good Motorcycle roads Brisbane - Darlington

Darlington - three churches ride.

Try this alternative route when coming back from South West, Mt Lindsey-Queen Mary's etc.

Riding north from Rathdowney heading back to Brisbane the road to Beaudesert can get boring. After Rathdowney next town is Tamrookum, I use the term town loosely there, its mostly a few houses, a roadhouse and a hall from the highway. The roadhouse is worth a stop for fuel as they have premium and price is not inflated. 100 metres south of the roadhouse is a road heading to the east signposted Hillview turn off here.

Have a look at the 1st of three interesting churches on your left, this is Tamrookum's which disappointingly has the grounds closed. Now continue to a T junction and turn right, you are now actually riding south east, but don't worry you swing around again. You travel through farming land and its a nice open bit of countryside that you should be able to make a good pace over.

You will come upon the village of Hillside, which is little more than the church and hall. Shortly after the church you turn left onto the road marked 'road to lost world'. Yes it is a real name for the area at the end of the valley in the mountains. I have not been there for the road is unsealed but I admit I have a strong desire to see what lies beyond. (see pic below)

After Hillview you have a small but steep climb then on the other side you come to another intersection and turn left again. Now you are on the road back to Beaudesert. Soon you will come to Darlington park, home to 100's of 4 wheel drives camping on long weekends then further north you will see the 3rd church - this is the area known as Kerry.

Now a fast run back into Beaudesert. Its a lot further but also a lot more fun than the h-way!

Riding in the other direction then after Hillview remember this, first on left will take you to Old Lions Rd, 2nd to Tamrookum and straight ahead to Christmas Creek. Also you can join onto the road to Kerry from the Biddaddaba creek road and by pass Beaudesert (this is a real time saver if say heading then onto Lions rd as can skip h-way completely! I will post more about this side road soon.

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