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Motorcycle Paradise

Good Motorcycle roads Brisbane - Boonah

Boonah - Rathdowney road.
I have mentioned this before, but didn't get around to doing a post on the road.

From Boonah if you are not heading to Queen Mary Falls or back to Ipswich you can ride the popular and fast (but tame unless doing double the limit) Beaudesert-Boonah road or you can ride this more interesting road instead.

Head south past the Airfield where you might see some gliders soaring so very slowly above and follow the signs that say Rathdowney (or Lake Maroon)

This road flows nicely, plenty of corners more around the town of Maroon with some gentle rises and falls and a couple of very scenic outlooks one as you head down towards the turn off to Queen Mary falls road and another of Mt Barney near Maroon.

Still a small section of single lane sealed road towards the end but you are over it quickly and then arrive on the Beaudesert-Woodenbong road (Mt Lindsey H-way) just south of the township of Rathdowney where the pub serves a hearty meal with a cold drink should it be that time of day.

Nearby on the Mt Lindsey H-way south of Rathdowney you can see a magnificent view of Mt Barney and other nearby mountains on the road signposted as Mt Barney view. (below)


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  1. The foreground of this area is really really green right's beautiful!


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