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Motorcycle Paradise

Good Motorcycle roads - West Haldon

Go West!

West Haldon

A bit out of the way however this is a good ride and another place to go if wanting to do something different.

I love finding new good motorcycle roads, I am always surprised and at the same time very happy when I come across a new good bit of tar somewhere. I can not for the life of me understand people who ride the same old stuff like Mt Mee & Peachester every ride - yawn.

Anyway, West Haldon is on the Clifton-Gatton road that runs between Gatton and Allora (or actually a bit north of Allora) To get there I would suggest one method might be ride out to Cunninghams Gap via Moogerah and whatever back roads you want and then turn onto New England h-way and then go past Allora and turn onto this road marked to Gatton. Alternatively ride from Fernvale to Lowood and onto Gatton and via this road and return in either direction.

The riding is nice and easy either way and once away from the highway you can have a nice pace and forget about looking at the speedo every few seconds.

On the road itself you have a mix of open and some tight twisty sections. Mostly it is open road but with some turns and again it all flows by quite quickly and isnt boring highway road at all.
You are in the middle of nowhere here and you have the road mostly to yourself - well I did a few runs back and forth in tight sections and only saw one car and that was around midday not the crack of dawn. What a great find!

You can get Premium fuel on western side of range at the Tregony old road house, Allora and Gatton.

I had an excellent meal at the Gatton Royal Hotel and they also just do good coffee inside as well.
Then I returned via the old Mt G and Nebo and being later in arvo most of the idiots had been and gone as had any law enforcement officers as well - anyway I stick to a sensible pace there . I look at riding Mt G this way - its a place to be well know for police to use entrapment or any underhanded method possible to harass riders so just ease off and wave other riders past and then you can have the comfort knowing they will be the ones targeted while you get home safely to ride another day.

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