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First winter ride for the year

A chilly outing today, well in the morning anyway, almost too cold for me at first. On the ride down to Robina to meet my ride partner in the lengthy sections where I was out of the sun and in the morning shadows I started to get a chill spreading over me that was borderline on making me stop half way to warm up. I was saved by the sections where the sun was shining on the M1 as this had an instant effect to allow my body to warm back up a little. (was still cold with the wind chill factor on a motorbike with no fairing)

Beautiful day however, lots of people were out and about on all sorts of motorbikes, cars and flying machines. I saw this great view coming past Nerang of four hot air balloons and didnt think quickly enough to stop there, so by the time I did one had dropped below my line of sight and I spotted it landing at Robina a moment later.

I managed also to sight four M109R's today, but only one was up close, alot of cruisers out on the roads. I am very comfortable now with my decision not to buy one at the moment since I acknowledge that my riding style is still too spirited in nature. I dont think I am an overly fast rider, simply I am comfortable on backroads and can maintain a steady pace and predict the road ahead based on the survey style of the road and the lie of the land. Being smooth and maintaining a nice pace does require a bike that can pull some serious lean at short notice for those corners that you notice late are reducing radius or incorrectly signposted or not marked at all. This is where any bike lacking full ground clearance would get me into trouble one day.

Revisted the Darlington area at request from mate - saw a few bikes on the road there (2 MV Agusta's which is rare sighting) and noticed they were getting a very rough ride on the backroads there. Mine is a bit more comfy after the 2nd softening up of my suspension at the shop but really I still wouldn't be able to ride the bike without the Airhawk seat cushion. The MV suspension all things considered is just so limited in its application that if it was not some prestigious brand it would simply be labeled as rubbish - which it is.

Today I was thinking to explore more of the Scenic rim beyond Boonah but mates MT-01 had trouble, looks like the clutch is gone, so we turned back there and with the days being so short the ride was further trimmed to get us back home before dark. Might take up where I left off next weekend! BTW if you have not been to Boonah lately then well worth revisiting. A few nice cafes and decent coffee (I hear owner of Merlo lives there?) and pub grub as well - I'll be using Boonah as a kick off for more western exploration in the coming months for sure.

The impressive Mt Barney.

So did I get the MV sorted this outing. Not really. Its a bit better but still harsher than it should be. I am yet to fully explore the full possible range of settings with the new rear valving, so will do that and see if I can get a bit more compliance again by fiddling. Its rideable now on rough roads if not as comfortable as the Buell so thats a relief.

I have ordered some foam handlebar grip 'covers' from a Californian touring club. Their items have good reviews about reducing bar buzz ( if they actually ship them, no word back so far - Edit - wow speedy service and no surcharge! - I didnt get the usual email saying extra postage for Australian order so was wondering if order went through then parcel arrives a week later! full review coming up soon). I acknowledge every inline four I have ridden has had some buzz but I somehow think the MV has it little worse.

Another issue is throttle abruptness. I read that this can get better with a service and possibly removing the cat convertor which also boosts lower rpm response so thats on the drawing board if I can get used to the ride issues.

Now that I am able to ride the bike fully I have picked up the bike has an incredible thirst for fuel. It hits reserve at 150km or less, (19 litre tank 4 litre reserve) thats very poor economy compared to most modern bikes, and rather bothersome to have such a short range in country areas. The Harley powered Buell which people loved to mock used to get average 175km from 10 litres and well over 200km on highway riding.

And lastly I will mention the MV's turning circle is as big as a cruiser ... wtf, the bike is small but on full lock needs two lanes to do a 180! I dont think I will ever be very satisfied with this bike having owned other bikes I know that some things should be so much better.

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