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Gatton ride

Brrr, OMG it was cold this morning on the other side of the range going west.

I purchased a new fleece vest on Saturday from an outdoor store and it seems quite warm. I also had my winter AlpineStars jacket on and warm shirt and left late in morning at 9.00am but still I really felt the cold this ride.

To be fair the minimum overnight for Amberly was 2 and Warwick was 0. And I rode out past the first and then over a mountain range between Amberly and Warwick. It was there I really felt it and at one stage started shaking badly before leaving the shadows and warming up again. Fortunately Cunninghams Gap (pictured below) is a fast flowing modern highway so I passed over it quickly.

I noticed the plod with radar on approach - at bottom of steep straight bit of road gunning the downhill cars, pure revenue raising.

I stopped at this rest shelter to adjust my undergarments. I traveled the country when I was a young boy in cars and there used to be many colourful road side rest stops like these, not exactly same but lots of 60's styled things, some post modernist as well. They have all mostly gone along with white post and chain fence barriers and the numerous small roadside servos and stalls that existed before highways bypassed everything.

I liked Gatton (below) alot. You skip all the towns these days which makes for a fast trip but when I next do my tour south I think I need to add a week to allow time to take in the important stuff along the way.

But todays ride went well otherwise. The MV slurped an amazing amount of fuel as usual and I am feeling the extra cost of running this bike for sure as every stop is a $20 where the XB was $10 for same distance but the suspension has improved and I have made the Air hawk slightly better as well by having it only 1/2 inflated. So at this stage the MV stays until I can find something else I like, the power has me sucked in and that means the Buell XB and Ducati Sport classic are out of the running. The MT-01 is still an option but its a big bike for me to try throw around, being honest about it I am thinking that I need to be riding a sport touring bike next - that is after all the style of riding I do most - the quest then will be one of those that isnt too hot in summer nor too big and heavy, and so the madness continues!


  1. Wow! That tent looks like it was just waiting for that picture. A park for bikes!

  2. Oi, achei teu blog pelo google tá bem interessante gostei desse post. Quando der dá uma passada pelo meu blog, é sobre camisetas personalizadas, mostra passo a passo como criar uma camiseta personalizada bem maneira. Até mais.

  3. Yeah KT its a real odd sight on the side of the highway! Perhaps I will try stop at a few more on my next tour just for the hell of it.


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