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Motorcycle Paradise

Good Motorcycle roads Gold Coast - Binna Burra

I wanted to move to Lower Beechmont when I was working on the Gold Coast. Big part of me wishes I had too....

Lots of motorbikes on the Beechmont sections. I continued on to Binna Burra and did some hiking - trying to get more active since my new job has me sitting down in front of a PC all day.

Anyway what I wanted to mention was here is a great excuse to ride beyond Beechmont up to Binna Burra. At the very end of the road is a nice looking new-ish cafe. Car park is packed out with hikers and picnic makers but no problems for the few bikes that were there. Looks like it isnt all that well known yet as with a great view over the Numinbah Valley, good coffee and a twisty mountain road there and back its a ideal destination for a ride.

Going to have to add this one in to my collection now and go back get some more photos on my bike.


  1. hey there
    Did you see the new cafe in Lower Beechmont next to the general store its called laurel cottage Garden cafe and restaurant. We rode past last sunday and stoped in it was fantastic a nice little family owned buisness with indoor and outdoor dining they did everything from gluten free to galric prawns and steak it was great. they have such a range and they tried to get everything out as quick as possible to not bite into our ride time so nice of them. They had plenty of on and off road parking. i would recomend everyone to stop past and try their fantastic food and coffee.

  2. I was wondering what that was like, I have been riding further south alot recently but I shall stop in there and try a coffee in the future.

    Thanks for the info.


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