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Motorcycle Paradise

Afternoon Mt Nebo ride

I just put the motorcycle cover on the Brutale. Thats significant as I had left it gathering dust without putting the cover on it for awhile - couldnt bring myself to even go look at it let alone ride it.

Todays ride went well. My wrists are a bit sore from the inline 4 buzz and slight forward lean, the bike sure hasn't become any more comfortable for me, but the tweaks done to the suspension by a mate have shown that it was set too soft before and now at least it handles right again and perhaps is smoother - hard to say on Mt Nebo the road is so smooth.

One thing for sure it really is a very quick little bike and alot of fun when in its zone.

I pulled up to admire the view and let the daydreaming car drivers clear away and took some time out to look over the bike and it is slowly growing on me looks wise. As I said once before I must be the only person in the world not 100% smitten on the MV Agusta's looks in comparison to the other streetfighers. I always liked it but I also like the more stocky or meaner look of the Buell and Speed Triple as much or possibly a little more. I didnt buy another of either of them over the MV simply as it out handles them significantly on reasonable road surfaces. The Buell will run rings around anything but a motard on rough roads - which is the one weakness of the MV and something I unfortunately have to resolve since I ride alot of bumpy back roads.

So anyway the MV claws itself back an inch from the edge - I have been toying with selling it to get something more rough roads capable or a tourer and actually I just asked a dealer for a figure to get rid of it to a M109R - just for fun out of interest - I'd probably sell it privately to get a better price naturally but its gone today and tried it's best to impress and confuse me (which isnt difficult at the moment) certainly makes for a nice change all the same.

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