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Review - Motovation bar ends

Ahh inline 4's - silky smooth engines - ahm well revs wise maybe but they create a buzz in the handle bars like no other engine does.

I purchased a pair of over sized Stainless steel extra heavy bar ends to try solve this problem.

The ordering was easy, communication excellent and product arrived quickly. They are very well presented items and fit easy and look good.

The buzz has been reduced a bit, but its still there. Definitely a improvement and every bit helps as otherwise your hands go numb on a long ride. At lower rpm's say below 5000rpm the buzz or vibe is reduced a size able amount, but as revs rise the buzz returns to full power. So I was trying shift up to top to keep revs real low but there is a limit to this as a inline 4 doesn't have much torque unlike a twin which you can ride around on 1500rpm.

Verdict - they help reduce the buzz - but bit more still needed, might have to replace grips as well.

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