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Motorcycle Paradise

Good motorcycle roads Brisbane - Mapelton Ride

Went for a good ride today. The weather was threatening, even spitting at times but got a fine run all day. Alot of wet bits of road, some on corners hiding in the shadows which gave my ride partner moment at Mt Mee but no enough to spoil anything - car drivers tried hard to do that on every nice bit of twist and turn road (as happens sometimes) but got a good run in many places too.

Met some riders at the Mt Mee lookout, and got a visit by policeman who didnt inspect every bike up close but no doubt looked them all over - mostly stock bikes in the car park at that time and after he left a few more modified bikes arrived - good timing on their part.

Had some brunch at Maleny and then rode to Mapelton and down the Dulong rd and to Palmwoods and then back roads to Eudlo and Mooloolah and Beerwah - nice riding there with lots of corners some twisty and some sweepers followed of course by the Peachester forest section.

My bum was getting sore on way home despite using the air hawk cushion - and this is only a short ride compared to what I normally do so got alot of work to do on ride quality if I am going to make the bike work for me. I have the air-hawk mounted length ways now - much better and if not for it I would have been unable to walk by now!

So guess who we see back at Mt Mee, Mr policeman who goes past us when we stopped to let traffic clear to get a clear run on some corners and then turns off somewhere and comes up from behind us - sneaky - except we had just pulled over again due to heavy traffic and my sore bum.
Then he pulled over ahead on the decent into Dayboro waiting for us with radar gun - lucky I thought he would be trying to get us so was going slow - actually did a slow ride the whole mountain as stuck in car convoy and fearful of him sitting around the next bend all the time.

Anyway alls well - didnt get a ticket and was good to get out and use the new bike even if it is trying to buck me off it over bumps at times. Spotted one of the Ducati sport classics at Mt Mee, and wonder now what their suspension is like, I elected not to buy one due to no adjustments but with the money I have had to spend on the MV so far ...


  1. nice Duke. 8-)

    sneaky sneaky. i've not seen any police up Mt Mee yet. well - on the way down a fair way, but that's not fast stuff anyway. i'll have to keep an eye out. i'm always in the habbit of checking my mirrors. ;)

  2. Really - I have never been on a north ride and not seen police either on the outbound or the return somewhere near Mt Mee. I prefer the south for that reason but alot of people have decided the same recently and now the police are starting to come out in the gold coast hinterland more. Historically that happens now and again then it settles back down there with the exception of Hinze raceway that should be treated with caution at any time.


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