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Motorcycle Paradise

Australias best motorcycle roads - Kangaroo Valley

Kangaroo Valley NSW

This is a really beautiful area. It reminds me a little of the Numinbah valley in QLD I ride often, but only in passing as both are unique places.

I have updated this post with some new info and photos.

From Nowra NSW there is a superb ride from what is basically sea level straight up the side of the two mountains that lie to the northwest. The first particular section of road actually rides very well down hill also simply because the views are wonderful and you miss them riding up. The 2nd climb however is a road that definitely works better riding uphill and its steep and very tight.

Above: The first mountain climb and lookout.
So with that in mind I suggest visiting the lookout at the top, there is a nice coffee shop there.

After here you can enjoy a series of excellent tight corners that hug the ridge before arriving in the town of Kangaroos Valley itself. Now ride on though the valley proper and you will come to another steep twisty mountain climb - amazingly you will climb as much as you did previously over again to arrive in what is the high country that lies above.

Above: The valley itself and next mountain you climb and road up it.
Be sure to stop at the Fitzroy falls, they are spectacular and I am told I missed out on another excellent lookout near by as well.

Fitzroy falls.
All in all a very pretty area that I will visit again for the sights as well as the excellent motorcycle riding.

However don't bother stopping at the "Australia's Best Pies" shop. Tasty enough but "Australia's Most Expensive and over rated Pies" is a more suiting title. Better food to be had in the village or towns either side of the valley.


  1. hi chef,
    a couple of good routes to Roo Valley from the north is via the macquarie pass (this is a actually a great climb on a twisty mostly one-laned road - turn off the princes hwy at the albion park roundabout-illawarra highway) or via jamberoo mtn. both routes will take you to the Robertson Pie Shop. From here, you can go through Robertson and turnoff at Pearsons Lane, or further down the illawarra highway at sheepwash road which brings you out near the fitzroy falls.

  2. Thanks very much wizzaofoz I will most certainly have a look next time at those roads.


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