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Motorcycle Paradise

Australia's best motorcycle roads. Putty Road.

Putty Road.

This is probably the first route I read was a popular motorcycle ride. Now days we have the top 100 200 rides atlas and internet forums its all too easy to find where to ride however when I first thought out some roads I wanted to ride I was relying more on word of mouth

I have ridden this road in both directions but I would not say that one way is noticeably better than the other, perhaps north to south flowed better for me slightly so I will describe it that way but people from Sydney no doubt ride a loop via here and the Bucketty road and could advise the best route if coming from there.

If like me you would be arriving from Brisbane then you can choose this road and then easy bypass the City by heading west and then riding the excellent Bells Line of Roads (see post elsewhere) and then continue south via the west. I have also arrived via the Bucketty road and then the famous but for me over rated 'Old Road' into Hornsby.

Righto then back to the Putty. Leaving Cessnock there is some nice curves and I will return here to visit some of the many excellent wineries in the area (lots!) and perhaps write more about this area later. For now some photos.

Then joining the Putty proper you will soon be on the best section of the road where it twists and turns tracing the curves of the adjacent creek. There seems to be a lot of gravel trucks on this road and they travel rather fast on this at times narrow section too so keep that in mind.

The road opens somewhat and you will come to the half way servo before too long that probably is a familiar sight to many Sydney riders. Beyond here the road has another superb section of tight curves. Take it easy here - many crosses on the side of the road of riders that took it all too seriously - your a long way from a hospital. After this the road continues to offer an assortment of curves and then some longer straight sections in a scrubby type fauna section of the Wollemi National Park. Some more nice sections around Colo Heights and before you know it your exiting the forest.

Couple of corners like this above with crosses and helmet memorials, reminds me of Mt Glorious.

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An enjoyable ride.