From Jindabyne to Khancoban is another of the roads over the Snowy mountains region called the Alpine way.

There is a small ascent section then between Dead horse gap and Khancoban lies a steep and narrow descent. The road is in reasonable condition but bumpy with unpredictable surveying as found in the other roads that started life to service the construction of the hydro electric scheme.

This is a interesting ride but perhaps not as good a road as some might think. I have no good photos from my ride there, another place I need to revisit.

I have removed the original post as it was too old, please open the map full screen to view listing of all roads.


  1. Hello, my name is Alex, I am planning a 10 day road trip with an uncle departing from Sydney, I have NO idea where is the best route for this 10 day trip, I would like tips and advices of where to go. we do not want to just move around sydney, what we want is to go far and visit very nice places and roads.

  2. Hi Alex, you can see a lot of the east coast in 10 days. If you look around my blog there is many roads listed to ride.