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Motorcycle Paradise

Australia's best motorcycle roads. Alpine way.

Murray power station 1

Alpine Way

From Jindabyne to Khancoban is a motorcycle road talked about alot on the forums. IMO it is a bit over rated but certainly any alpine road in Australia is something a bit unique and rare.

I will describe riding south however the road is better to ride in a northern direction so that you are climbing for longer then descending. From Berridale the road is open and starts to turn around the mountains a bit as you reach Jindabyne. From there you start the real fun part as the road runs up to Threadbo. Not a steep climb but well surfaced with striking yellow line marking and just a plain fun ride.

Then between Dead horse gap and Khancoban lies a very steep and narrow descent. The road is in reasonable condition but a bit bumpy and some debris can be encountered on corners. There is alot of leaf overhang in parts and the road may be damp even without rain. Lower down the countryside changes and the road widens a little but is just barely two lanes and there are many steep enbankments and blind corners that encourage other vehicles to run wide or cut into your lane. The road has very poor surveying, perhaps starting life as s service road or forest trail. So the corners are not predictable.

The other service road over the Snowy Mtns is via Cabramurra to Corryong and this has a bit better surveying and is a better ride.


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  3. Hello, my name is Alex, I am planning a 10 day road trip with an uncle departing from Sydney, I have NO idea where is the best route for this 10 day trip, I would like tips and advices of where to go. we do not want to just move around sydney, what we want is to go far and visit very nice places and roads.

  4. Hi Alex, you can see a lot of the east coast in 10 days. If you look around my blog there is many roads listed to ride.


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