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Silicon putty earplugs review

I am still searching for the best earplugs and have reached the end of the foam ear plug range and now and looking at these silicon swimmers type plugs.

These silicon plugs are for me fit perfect every time and they don't loosen up or come out so while I only get 20db cut in noise from these they work reliably and comfortably. Bonus is you can still hear things around you so do not have that total isolation feeling of the high NRR foam plugs.

Update, I went on to use silicon ear plugs like these for a few years and still use them for sleeping in noisy locations. For riding changed to 'non-roll' foam ear plugs, these can be inserted easier and do not stick in your ear like some foam types do. I have removed all my old ear plug reviews from the blog as they were too old and out of date. if you have trouble trying to use ear plugs do try the above type as a starting point.