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Silicon putty earplugs review

I am still searching for the best earplugs and have reached the end of the foam ear plug range and now and looking at these silicon swimmers type plugs.

These silicon plugs are for me fit perfect every time and they don't loosen up or come out so while I only get 20db cut in noise from these they work reliably and comfortably. Bonus is you can still hear things around you so do not have that total isolation feeling of the high NRR foam plugs.

Update, I went on to use silicon ear plugs like these for a few years and still use them for sleeping in noisy locations. For riding changed to 'non-roll' foam ear plugs, these can be inserted easier and do not stick in your ear like some foam types do. I have removed all my old ear plug reviews from the blog as they were too old and out of date. if you have trouble trying to use ear plugs do try the above type as a starting point.


  1. I haven't read through all your hearing plug tests, but I have another suggestion that has worked for me - product released by Surefire/EarPro called "Sonic Defenders". Available in Australia from Sord Australia. Not the cheapest product, but they have a really clever noise cancelling mechanism that lets you hear normal levels while only blocking the loud stuff.

  2. Thanks Dan, those only reduce noise by 9db so are not suitable. The swimmers ones I like are 20db but really need the 30 db foam ones to work for me if I am to keep riding with the Micron exhaust as its claimed to be about 122db or get the noise of exhaust down to 110db. Aim is to get noise exposure down to around 90db as thats about the highest level before damage and what a rider is exposed to with the wind noise on a bike and no ear plugs anyway.

  3. Not quite true 'chef! :) I too read that when I investigated them, but digging a little deeper I found this PDF.
    According to that documentation, these ear plugs do not let through any noise that exceeds 80db.

    Here is a snippet from that file:
    "Significant attenuation starts at 80 dB at a value of 26 dB, rising to 34 dB at 90 dB inputs but
    remaining roughly constant at an average of 35 dB through sound levels of 120 dB. For
    example, if the level of the noise is110 dB, the noise braker will attenuate the sound to 74 dB,
    well below the mandated action level of 85 dB."

  4. Well I leave it to you readers to decide about the products Dan above is trying to push. Meaningless mumbo written by a nobody does not prove wild claims.

    How about this, I have a box of magic yellow foam plugs here I obtained from elves that cut 666db - comes with free support documentation that I wrote. I am willing to let you have them for the low low price of $50US + shipping. I accept Paypal.

  5. Hello.
    I think those blue silicon plugs are the best I have tried, I bought them during a ride in France. But they don't sell them here in Sweden and I don't remember what they are called.

    Do you remember their name/brand, so I can search for them more efficially, to buy them on Internet? Thanks in advance if you can give me a hint!


  6. They are made by Macks, I am going to order some myself.

  7. The world's best ear plugs come from They're awesome for riding and sleeping, have a 34 noise reduction rating, they're really comfortable, and they don't loosen. I recently saw them promoted at advrider and I never plan to go back to anything else. Check out the info here:

  8. If you are in Brisbane, these custom made inserts work a treat. Really comfortable, however not that cheap at around $75..saying that I have bought so many disposable ear plugs over the years...worth a look.


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