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Shark RSR helmet review

I have had my new helmet out a couple of times now and here is a review.

The finish is very high gloss and looks excellent. First thing you notice is how much lighter it is to most helmets, Shark use their own design composite shell which is very light. Liner is as far as I can tell exactly like a Arai, very plush and extra padding. Venting is similar design to the Shoei XR1000 with vent channels in the foam shell making this a great choice for someone living in the tropics like I am. Noise is much less than my previous KBC and HJC helmets. Stability is good with no buffering or helmet lift.

The visor system is unlike any other and doesnt use the universal 'step/notch' system of allowing the visor to open but hold at various preset points. The Shark visor is a overly complicated thing IMO and their friction system doesnt hold it open or partly closed as well. Also the visor is 3mm thick - which delivers great optics but makes the tinted one a little darker than usual and more than I like - however these are really minor things and visor tint level is a really hard item to get right, too little and you will get sunburn and eye strain with the extreme UV we have downunder.

Overall I am happy and impressed with this helmet.

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  1. hi there, just stumbled across your site, looks great, the trip to Japan is that still on?.......if so you lucky sod, would love to do something similar.


    fellow biker..Gold Coast.....Noddy

  2. Japan is off for now. Mate who was to come cancelled and I dont want to ride there by myself. Trying to navi with everything in Japanese and staying off the expensive toll roads that are everywhere will be a job for more than one person as is finding hotels in crowded cities again with everything in Japanese and no standard grid layout or street name/number system.

  3. can you recommend a store where we can find the items you just reviewed

  4. Hello friend amazing and very interesting blog about Shark RSR helmet review

  5. I purchased from Bike Biz Sydney via their online shop, very reasonable price.


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