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Vista Motorcycle Cruise Control Review

Vista Cruise Control

I find my throttle hand gets sore at the end of the day when touring and thought I would give one of these a try.

I previously tried the Throttle Rocker type devices and they didn't really work for me. Despite trying many things they kept slipping on the handle bar grip and didn't allow me to really relax my muscles in my throttle hand properly.

Update: I tried another brand and it did not slip but was still of limited assistance.

I purchased this from for $59.95AUS. Installation was very easy, about 10 minutes including reading the instructions. Just move mirror/brake clamp to left to make room for Vista clamp. Slide rubber ring and lock section over grip, attack to arm and thumb lever and done. I then needed to tighten it up the adjuster nut a few turns so it grabs the throttle grip enough to hold it in place when applied.

On the Buell with its V-Twin the Vista worked reasonably well. I could engage it and the road speed would only slowly increase or decrease and sometimes even stay the same for a small period. This then allowed me to rest my hand for awhile and then make mild adjustments to my speed leaving the Vista engaged. I found that I would end up slowly building speed or slowly reducing speed no matter how many adjustments I made so its not something that can be used very effectively.

Now I have it on the MV Agusta it works even less effectively. Being an inline four and having a more sensitive throttle and lighter flywheel it is impossible to get the Vista engaged and not be slowing or accelerating at a rate too great to leave engaged for more than 10 seconds.

If you tour or ride long distance then this is worth considering but it has it's limitations and even the wrist rest devices probably offer more.