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Motorcycle Paradise

Good motorcycle roads - Queen Mary Falls

Queen Mary Falls

This is a very scenic ride!

I like to approach this from Lake Moogerah having ridden via Peaks Crossing and enjoed the terrific views into Kalbar stopping there or Aratula for a coffee the past the lake to Mt Alford.

The road is narrow and very steep climb and also there is two shallow water crossings so some people might not wish to ride this route.

Also it is unfenced so you need to keep your pace down as you may encounter wildlife near the road.

At the top you have a dramatic change from the dull green and brown scrubby landscape to luch green high dairy fields. It is really something that makes you sit up and go wow. It is also cool even in summer.  Again need to be mindful of your speed as many blind corners.

Stop at the lookout next door is cafe/mountain cabins and continue on and down a section until you reach the Falls. There is a cafe that sells food and coffee as well as bbq facilities in the falls park area and toilets etc.

From there the road to Stanthorpe is now mostly all sealed and new tar but little bit of gravel. Or riding via the Toloom Lookout to Urbenville is scenic.