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Motorcycle Paradise

Australias best motorcycle roads - Nymboida

Grafton's historic rail/car bridge

Grafton to Armidale, NSW

Often refered to just as Nymboida on some bike forums, the whole road to Armidale via Nymboida and Ebor is very good.

Heading south you can obtain fuel at Courts Crossing if you wanted to skip Grafton. Depends on the times of travel but Grafton is about a lunch time stop from Brisbane if you leave at a reasonable hour and are not in a rush.

Above: the road into Grafton from MacClean is very scenic and Courts Crossing

Leaving Grafton the road sweeps through some scenic rural farming areas with nice gentle curves and then this fast flowing road starts to tighten up before reaching the township of Nymboida - which is just the one general store.

I made it this far last trip before a huge hail storm struck. Prior to the rain I stopped to consider things and was going to go to the shop for a coffee but then down it came within seconds so I only had time to back into this bus shelter with tourist map inside and sit it out.

Above: hail storm Nymboida

From here the road climbs the range and a bit further on was where the sealed road used to end. This section has some absolutely superb corners with excellent surveying on the still newish sections - but watch out for loose livestock on the roads. I dont have any photos of here, what is one of the best parts of the road, since last time it was raining and on previous visits I was not by myself so tend to keep pace rather than stop as often as I do when riding solo.

Good timing of this photo at Clouds Creek, just after the rain.

Outside Ebor you can turn off see the Waterfall. Ebor is another one shop type of town but it has fuel (update - petrol station was closed when I visited last time but might be card/24hr type now).

From Ebor to Armidale is a fast sweeping road that has an appearance from a time now past. Will add more photos next ride when I plan to explore the area in more depth.


  1. My wife & I rode this section turning off to Dorrigo and the Waterfall Way.
    The Nymboida route was a sensational piece of road that must be ridden at a pace which allows you to enjoy the surrounding countryside. Plenty of tight turns ensures that there is a challenge even at leisurely cruisy speeds.
    Gee, I've nearly talked myself in to heading down there again.
    Cheers, Peter

  2. You don't have to try hard to get me thinking of the same! The waterfall way is superb and the countryside around this area has so many things of interest to look at.

  3. My wife and I left Kingscliff and headed to Grafton via Casino, then onto Nymboida and stayed over-nite at the pub with Russell crowes interesting things..... rooms and food were all very good. Next morning headed west, then turned left to Dorrigo and Coffs, WOW, what a ride, awesome, smooth corners, big straights, we really opened up the boulevard....its a must do

    1. This area has so much to offer, I am thinking to go back in April if I can find a bike to rent as currently offshore with no wheels.

  4. I am looking forward to this ride -Banora Point -Melbourne via Armidale in September on an old reliable XJ600. Traveled down to Melbourne to see our daughter last year with my wife by car. This year I turn 70 and wish to complete the ride: Another bucket list out of the way. Loved reading about the different rides people ask me why do I want to do it. They don't ride bikes so don't try to explain. Hope I can add photo's later Cheers Campbell

    1. Only a rider knows the feeling Campbell. The road Grafton to Armidale is both interesting and a good ride. I also like the waterfall way to bottom of range past Dorrigo. All the lookouts and waterfalls in this area are all well worth visiting. Hope you have a good ride.

  5. love this part of the world ..great ride great places


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