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Motorcycle Paradise

Australia's best motorcycle roads. Bruxner h-way

The Bruxner Highway NSW

This road runs for a great distance however the better riding part is west of Drake to Tenterfield.

From the coast it is heavily policed between Ballina and Lismore. Some scenic country side either side as well as some nice sweepers coming into Tenterfield.

For people riding down from Brisbane you can travel via Beaudesert and then over the excellent Mt Lindsey mountain and on via Bonalbo road. Tenterfield and return is not too difficult for a day trip however I would suggest returning via Warwick to shorten the day somewhat.

Tenterfield has a number of attractions and if you were to continue on the Bruxner you can go to the town of Texas and return back to Stanthorpe as I did. The road west of Tenterfield is more or less straight and boring, Texas back to Stanthorpe however is much better with enough corners to keep you amused.

So as a big day out this is something different to try, if prepared it's not too hard.

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