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Motorcycle Paradise

Good motorcycle roads Northern NSW - Federal to Clunes

Federal - Clunes

Continues from the previous article Billinudgel to Federal 

From Mullumbimby you can ride a second route to Federal as follows:

This follows a very twisty route that is under the canopy of trees for much of the ride before you burst out in the middle of some spectacular rolling hills that the area is so famous for.

At the town of Federal you come to a T junction, turn right (if riding the above route otherwise ride straight on if you have come over Coolamon scenic drive) ride through some more scenic countryside along the ridges overlooking valleys. Lots of easy sweeping corners to enjoy in this district known as Eureka. You will come to a Junction - turn left and shortly after come to the T junction of the Bangalow-Lismore road where you turn right to the village of Clunes. There is a good cafe at Clunes and just beyond Clunes is the road to Eltham where you can get a good lunch at the pub.


  1. More hidden rides from a local:
    Hi there. I just thought I would lend my knowledge... After going through clunes toward lismore, ther is a left turn jus after the speed camera to Eltham. this road is only a few Ks but lovely downhill tight curves. At the end (there is a nice pub with a cafe), you can turn right and continue to bexhill (another short run but well surfaced with fast sweepers and loooong straights as well as NEVER any cops) where you rejoin bangalow rd, or left and head on to tintenbar and Lennox head/Ballina/Byron, this road is windy but lumpy. anyway, just thought i'd let you know about them.

  2. Hey James

    thanks for that, I think I may have been on part of those but not all and will be sure to check it out next time.

    The Repentance Creek - Dunoon Rd is open again now after the that long winded road works and was nice bit of riding in parts when I had a quick look at it - which is another road I shall post up soon I hope!

  3. Is Dunoon Rd sealed all the way? On Google StreetView it looks unsealsed along the twisty bit - but maybe it has been sealed since Google visited?


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