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20 short rides

Revised 11.05.2008

There are many short side roads I use that do not warrant a post of their own. I shall mention the ones that I feel may be of some interest to riders having nice curves or other features and repost this as it grows.

Edit: Now retitled 20 short rides as this post has altered from listing a few side roads or short cuts to include many short rides that can be added on.


Mountain View Rd - before arriving at Maleny turn right into this road for a excellent lookout - perhaps the best of the Glasshouse mountains. Continue along this road and you will come to Mary Cairncross park or alternatively turn left into Mc Carthy rd to go to Maleny.

Lookout on Mountain view rd

Palmwoods - Mooloolah Rd - I am sure most people know this road - if not then I recommend taking my Dulong ride from Mapelton then following this road to Mooloolah as its rather good.

Eudlo State forest.

Tunnel Ridge Road - leaving Mooloolah head out of town on the Mooloolah Connection road, now on your right at top of the hill is this road. Some excellent curves and a fast run into Landsborough.

Near Landsborough

And lastly on the north, go straight ahead at the intersection when you arrive at Landsborough rather than left then right to get to Peachester rd via Old Gympie Rd - instead of via the service road or main road past the Aus Zoo. If you wanted fuel at Beerwah then skip this as by passes town.


If riding back from Currumbin valley/range then you will most probably already know the great little hill climb to be enjoyed over the Tallebudgera Connection road. Besides that it also saves some time and is less you need to ride the M1.

Coast side of the Tallebugera connection road

At the end of the Tallebudgera Connection rd (riding north) as you turn onto the Tallebudgera Creek road on your left is Old Coach road. You can take this and save even more M1 time and rejoin the highway at Reedy Creek.

Nerang-Canungra Rd - this road is quite a nice ride and if you have looped over Beechmont you most probably want to go back to the coast without retracing your route so will use this road. Picture below.

Clagiraba Rd - this runs from the above road to the Nerang-Muwillumbah rd (the road also to Beechmont, Advancetown, Numinbah etc) its a nice ride in itself and a short cut if heading back south or to Beechmont. Pictures below.

Pine Crk Rd - this is the western side of Springbrook. Pictures below. I think everyone knows to take this rather than just ride up and back down main road - but for the sake of people new to the southern hinterland.

Currumbin Rock Pool - Many people love the range but you may not have gone along the road (from the highway) that runs to the rock pool beyond the turn off over the range. Its a great ride if you can get a car free run. The road is very twisty with alot of sharp corners mostly in hotmix, with some scenic views before ending (below)

And to go from the Currumbin Rock Pool to the Currumbin range road you need not travel back to the intersection. Take Bains Road which will take you out of the valley and almost straight up the hill to the road above to go on south to Murwillumbah.

At Murwillumbah from the Tweed valley gallery Bakers Rd runs across to the road to Uki (or visa-versa) and offers some nice curves and superb views of the tweed river.

North Arm

If riding south from Numinbah to Uki then skip the last bit into and the traffic of Murwillumbah by turning to your right at Nobby's creek on the road to North Arm via Boat Harbour.
This is a nicer ride with more corners and better road surface as well. Now to get over to the Kyogle Rd (road to Uki) is a bit tricky first time, there appears to be a couple of choices on Google map but I am not sure all are ok, but basically when near the gold course you need to turn right and cut across through the housing estate to Kyogle road. Tree rd, Park rd both seem to be options and I see Old Lismore Rd shows up as running over to the Tyalgum Rd - this would be even shorter way so I will try that next time and update this more then.


Boonah/Mt Alford

If heading west then try this, instead of going into Boonah for fuel head out on the Lake Moogerah road then turn west on to Charlwood road then go over to Aratula. The fuel is much cheaper and thereis great coffee and cakes at the bakery, then simply return over the same road and ride over Mt Alford and take one of the shortcuts listed next.

In the same area, from Mt Alford you can cross to the Boonah-Rathdowney road via Ganthorpe road which is a handy short cut and brings you out as per the photo.

Queen Mary Falls

If you are going to the falls but feel like a lap of Lake Moogerah first then you can cut straight from Mt Alford to the falls road saving a huge amount of road by using the Dwyer Ridges road which is itself a great little ride hugging a large ridge and with lots of curves.


Riding between Canungra and Beaudesert there is a side road you can take via Biddaddaba. Google map doesnt show the through road but it does connect. From the east take the 2nd road on the left that mentions Biddaddaba (the first you will see is unsealed) then turn right to ride over and onto Tabragalba road which joins back onto the Beaudesert-Nerang road you left before.

Its a handy shortcut. And being off the highway is always more enjoyable as you can enjoy a better pace without worry, enjoy a few corners rather than straight road and as always see some more of the countryside you are riding through.

Beaudesert via Kerry Rd

If you were to continue on the Biddaddaba road above (from the east) you will come to the Kerry road and then can ride in to Beaudesert from there.

Kerry church

Rathdowney via Darlington and Lions Rd
Or keep on riding the above south via Darlington to Tamrookum or onto the start of the Lions Road that will bring you out on highway before Rathdowney. If you veer south more on the start of the Lions rd then you will be able to turn right on further and come straight into Rathdowney itself thus having skipped the highway all the way from Canungra.

I should mention when you ride Darlington, after Hillview if you take first left then you end up on the old Lions rd (the bit before Rathdowney) keep going and take 2nd left to go to Tamrookum of straight on to Christmas creek.

Lake Perseverance

When you next ride up/down the Esk to Hampton road try taking a detour off to the lakes that lie to the north of the road. Keep an eye out and you can't miss the big signs pointing to the turnoff, you then need to make two more turns, both clearly marked. The climb back up is surprisingly good, the roads sweepers work rather well in that direction and I found I had reached the end in no time I had enjoyed it so much.

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