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Motorcycle Paradise

Great minds think alike ... :-)

It was raining heavy yesterday and last night but I woke early with the thourght that it would clear, then this morning it looked bad with little visibility but closer inspection showed just heavy fog blanketing the city and I just knew it would burn off and clear into a nice day.

So I got ready and decided to head down south the my favourite border ranges area and take a few photos if the air was clear after the rain. I get to the Gold Coast area and what do you know my mate has had the same idea and is allready riding north from Ballina area.

Well it would have been a bit hit and miss with both of us on the road to meet as you cannot hear a phone on a bike but as luck would have it we must have been meant to get a ride happening as we both were stopped and got each others messages at same time before riding off too far.

Had a top ride over Currumbin to Murwillumbah to meet up then up to Tyalgum, back to Uki via Chillingham and then we decided to go over Burrinbah via Stokers siding and on to Clunes via Mullumbimby and Federal. Late lunch and then back up h-way to make up some time and another run over Burrinbah and back over Currumbin - what a great day.

(click the photos to enlarge)

The air was so clear on Currumbin range you could see very far (above/below). Hard to keep eye on the road at times.

Started to loose the clear air allready by late morning but still able to get a better photo than normal of rim near Tyalgum.

Bit further south - this spot just above Byron Bay and the ride to there and on roads nearby is in my great bike roads list.

Wow what a show at the end of a GREAT days riding!


  1. Great pics - love that part of the world!

  2. Its always so green and lush yet I rarely strike rain on rides, its just a magic place.


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