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Motorcycle Paradise

Good motorcycle roads Brisbane - Obi Obi

Obi ObiThats Kenilworth to Mapelton not some Star Wars character.

There is a great ride to be had over the Obi Obi Rd that runs between Mapelton and Kenilworth. Basically at this stage you really are best to only ride it in the other direction - Maleny to Kenilworth and on up to Mapelton as a large part of the downhill section of Obi Obi rd is gravel - the road is split into two one lane roads up and down and the climb is fresh tar and good fun with lots of narrow and tight turns. It may be sealed both ways one day so keep and ear open to that or you can ride the gravel easy enough as its not loose enough to bother anyone.

Down in the valley the road is in good order and has been widened and resurfaced in many places from when I last travelled over it turning it into quite a quick ride now.


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