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Motorcycle Paradise

Good motorcycle roads Brisbane - Bald Knob

View from Bald Knob Road

Bald Knob Rd and Peachester
Blogger didnt like this post last time - lets try again

I spoke about the road near Peachester previously but have now split it from that post where it was a bit confusing and added the scenic Bald Knob Rd to make a new post.

Just east of the township of Peachester is a superb twisty section of road popular with riders. Its quite intense and smooth nice hotmix - but also a busy section of rd so you may need to time your ride to get some kind of run over it.

Road near Peachester

Just west of the township of Peachester is a road called Bald Knob Rd that runs over to the Landsborough - Maleny Rd and is a very scenic rd and also mostly nice corners and a reasonable surface.

Bald Knob Road

How you ride these is up to you, one option might be if you have ridden north to Maleny then go towards Landsborough and turn right onto Bald Knob Rd and then simply ride through Peachester and over the twisty bit and turn around and ride back then then continue back south towards Woodford.

Another option is from Maleny ride on to Mapelton and down the Dulong rd decent described in my great bike roads #11 post - back up Palmwoods-Montville rd and back to the junction near Maleny and then follow the above.

Of course you could ride to Mapelton via Kenilworth as well - thats the longer but best option.