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Motorcycle Paradise

Good motorcycle roads Brisbane - Jimna Road

From Kilcoy you cant miss the sign post at the clock roundabout to Jimna. This road starts off quite open and flowing with lots of gentle sweeping corners taking you through some nice countryside, then after about 30 k you have this nice little range to climb with lots of tight corners and some faster flowing stuff all mixed in - right in the middle of nowhere with hardly any traffic whatsover. Some views of the huge pine forests of Blackbutt range are visible in places and then you come to Jimna and as of writing this I am told you should turn around here as gravel road further north - but its just as nice a ride back to town.

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  1. I have ridden this road a few times when I used to live in Brisbane. It is a cracking road and most of the time there is little traffic and you can ride it with confidence. It is about an 80km round trip so fill up at Kilcoy if you need to and it is well worth the detour.


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