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Review - KBC VR2 Helmet

I bought a new helmet start of 2006, however its turned out to be a disappointment.

This is the best looking helmet I have ever seen and I had to have it when I saw them on the net. Great graphics design and everyone says they love the look however the helmet is unfortunately rubbish. The blue visor lasted 2 weeks before scratched beyond use. The liner which was a bit cheap feeling to begin with has become worse and is mildly uncomfortable. The worst thing however is the noise level which is the loudest I have experienced in a helmet and after a few weeks and I have stopped using it.

I went back to my last helmet which was a KBC VR1 chrome finish helmet one year old. It has a much better liner and is quieter as well however I started to experience some issues with it within the next few months. The chrome look paint started to flake off and the rubber around the visor opening has come away from the helmet shell.

I have shelved both and purchased a Shark RSR2 which is in another class in comparison, quieter, lighter, better liner, better visors, better finish.

I took a look at the KBC VR2 this year (2008) and the paint finish is melting on the top of the helmet - the clear coat literally looks like it has been hit with paint stripper despite being kept clean and dry indoors the last 2 years.

In brief I have to advise against buying any KBC helmets.

Have a look at Web Bike World site for some good honest helmet reviews and also look at the British independent helmet safety testing site (SHARP) Arai and Shoei are not always the definative helmet to buy but do have some decent models in their range as do some of the lesser well known brands as well. At the moment the Shark brand does very well in testing and independent reviews and I am very impressed with the RSR2 I have so consider taking a look at one of them or their RSI model.

Please visit this blogs home page for Australia's best motorcycle roads, Motorcycle touring in Australia and Japan as well as more motorcycle item reviews to mention just a few topics.

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  1. I was very disappointed with mine too, looks gorgeous but it's the noisiest helmet I've ever owned and terrible for fogging up. You can fit pinlock inserts, but I've never needed them in my previous twenty years riding!


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