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Good motorcycle roads - Lions Road

Lions Rd

This road gets a lot of press but is far from being the best road in the border ranges region. I think much of the press is carried over from 4 wheels as the road is very popular with drivers for scenic day out and for camping on a long weekend along the creek that criss crosses the road.

I used to go to this road when I was a lad with my parents  and the creek crossings had no bridges then all stoney river beds to be drive through. Funny that nobody then had a four wheel drive so people were in the cars of the day, regular sedans or wagons and all seemed to do fine yet now they need $70K vehicles with various electronics just to leave the tar and park on the dirt next to the same creek. But I digress.

From Rathdowney to the Summerland way runs the Mt Lindsey h-way which I have already posted and is a superb ride. If you were not going on to Uki from Kyogle then you could allways ride back over this route, the Lions Rd. Or you might approach this from the Gold Coast side having gone down to Kyogle via any of the numerous good rides on that side of the ranges.

Like most rides I post this isnt a billard table road and it does get a bit bumpy in places and also narrow in parts.

If the road seems to turn a bit unpredictable in some bends then you'd be correct. This reflects its origins when it was unsealed and built I think just to serve the railway line. Now there is a mix of some modern surveying and some old parts that have simply been sealed. Not a road you can travel too fast on near the border crossing anyway but the mix of survey style needs caution.

Perhaps best to ride it from south to north for the best run. Superb scenery in either direction. No fuel or shops, nice park on QLD side popular for picnics or bbq etc, lookout on NSW side.


  1. Hi all,i travel from Rosewood to Kyogle via the Lions road and through to Stoney Chute where the parents live,this has to be my favourite roads.
    Keep shiney side up.

  2. WAY too rough for any real quick stuff

  3. It is bumpy near the border and rather unpredictable, a legacy presumably of the simple surveying, being constructed by the Lions and not Main Roads department. Reminds me of the roads around Snowy Mtns hydro scheme.


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