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Motorcycle Paradise

Good motorcycle roads Northern NSW. Billinudgel - Mullumbimby - Federal

Billinudgel - Mullumbimby - Federal

This is quite a way south so most Brisbane people have not ridden on these roads much, but its really not so hard to do, even from Brisbane northern suburbs this ride is still only a day trip if you leave early-ish.

From Murwillumbah follow the old highway (Tweed Valley Way) until the new highway then ride the service roads to past Biilinudgel where you will see the signs for Coolamon scenic drive.

Now follow this road to Mullumbimby - this is a twisty road that is alot of fun, some really tight corners to be found but road surface is bit bumpy so like nearly all of my postings need to have your suspension set compliant. When you arrive at the edge of town centre, turn right and go through the town's main street.

Doesnt get much more twisty than around here, the road into Mullumbimby

From Mullumbimby you can ride two routes to Federal, here is the first route:

This takes you along the top of a high ridge and is very scenic. There is a lookout half way along that is half hidden on your left however I recommend you take a look as you can see down to Byron Bay from here.

This ride continues in the second section titled Federal to Clunes.

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