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Motorcycle Paradise

Good motorcycle roads - O'Reilly's

O'Reilly's Mountain (Lamington national park road)

Yes there is yet another mountain range in the hinterland to ride! This is a ride not so well known as the road surface in the past has been poor - even by aussie standards - but it has been resurfaced and widened in many places and some parts are now excellent.

The road out from Canungra is new, and alot of bits have been resurfaced on the hill itself.

From the coast this would be the 4th range, Springbrook then behind that is Beechmont which has two mountain ridges you can ride over (or a U shaped one with Binna Burra at the top to be more precise) and north is Tamborine and behind those are O'Reilly's. Indeed you can look across the valleys at the one another in certain spots.

This is still a low volume traffic road -not enough cars to sweep away all the stones or bit of gravel on some corners that washes across from the embankments - but also not enough cars to make the narrow sections too difficult - but you do need to use some care in parts.

Lookout and park on left before actual top of mountain is best and this is Oreilly's Mtn - the road beyond is actually Green Mountain (as far as I know) and becomes narrow and shrouded in rainforest. Cafe and tree top walk and bird feeding at the very top and end of road.

The only other cafe (just before the lookout) has been closed down so Canungra is closest food and fuel.