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Motorcycle Paradise

Good motorcycle roads Northern NSW - Burringbah Range

Burringbah Range via Tweed Valley Way

From Murwillumbah head south on the old pacific h-way to Burringbah range. This is a well known favourite of bikers, wide cambered hotmix mountain range that was the main highway 1 Brisbane to Sydney before being by-passed and is a very fast addictive set of curves.

There is one fix mounted speed camera that you need to be aware of travelling south - don't worry it does not ruin the ride in anyway.

You will want to do a few runs over this wonderful bit of road, I added a Homer to the rest stop (see photo) at the top of range who sums up this bit of road nicely - its really is that much fun!

Past Burrinbah range is a the township of Mooball and Burringbah township, there is fuel and coffee at the servo just north of Burringbah villiage, further south colourful village of Mooball, the pub is a popular lunch spot with the Harley set and then the road goes over a small but fun couple of ridges with more nice hotmix before it comes to the new highway.