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Motorcycle Paradise

Good motorcycle roads Northern NSW - Burringbah Range

Burringbah Range via Tweed Valley Way

From Murwillumbah head south on the old pacific h-way to Burringbah range. This is a well known favourite of bikers, wide cambered hotmix mountain range that was the main highway 1 Brisbane to Sydney before being by-passed and is a very fast addictive set of curves.

There is one fix mounted speed camera that you need to be aware of travelling south - don't worry it does not ruin the ride in anyway.

You will want to do a few runs over this wonderful bit of road, I added a Homer to the rest stop (see photo) at the top of range who sums up this bit of road nicely - its really is that much fun!

Past Burrinbah range is a the township of Mooball and Burringbah township, there is fuel and coffee at the servo just north of Burringbah villiage, further south colourful village of Mooball, the pub is a popular lunch spot with the Harley set and then the road goes over a small but fun couple of ridges with more nice hotmix before it comes to the new highway.


  1. This is an awesome fun bit of road, go there very regularly, but there is only the one fixed speed camera on this road now, it is at the Northern end of the run

  2. the cameras were actually installed around 2000, back when it was the highway, and they havent been removed

  3. Yep just the one camera now which does not spoil the road by any means.

  4. Watch for the Tweed/Byron L.A.C cops hiding on the western side of the road about a kilo south of the camera.
    There is a dirt driveway and they lurk there waiting for bikes.
    They will then try and claim that they "Have You" on radar at a very convenient 99kmh.
    The Murwillumbah Magistrate is sick of these antics and will throw the ticket out if you take it to court.


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