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Motorcycle Paradise

Good motorcycle roads Gold Coast - Mt Tamborine.

Mt Tamborine

Update 2011. The northern ascent is being resurfaced and should be much improved once finished. The road to Tamborine village via Logan Village has been resurfaced on the 2nd half and is much improved on it's previous condition.

This is not one of my favourites but unfortunately it seems to be the place on the south side people mention if you were to be talking about riding a motorcycle. I am not sure why, it is the closest and many people dont want to or are unable to ride too far so perhaps that is the reason.

One reasonable ride is from Beenleigh, take the road from there to Tamborine village via Mt Warren Park (the other route would be via Waterford and Logan Village)

Once past Windaroo this road has some nice curves along the way and flows well at times and then from the village this side is the most popular of the 4 roads that accend the mountain. A bit bumpy in parts and just a short climb but ok if you can get a clear ride. Need to go very early or be very lucky.

Looking west

Other climbs are from Oxenford - this one is smoother but short and fewer corners. Or from Nerang go on the Nerang-Beaudesert rd and then turn right into Henry Roberts drive - this is very steep (18% incline!) with a just a few tight corners but some really great views.

Henry Roberts Drive

And lastly from Canungra - another 'goat track' a single lane road in parts with hairpins and steep narrow sections - I like this climb myself but its quite short and at the far side of the mountain.
The goat track with its switchback corners - this road now re-opened is quite good.
One suggestion is ride over Beechmont from the east side to Canungra then go up Tamborine via the goat track and back down Henry Roberts Drive and across Clagiraba Rd to get back to almost where you began. Or ride up there after the hinterland for lunch and home via Beenleigh.

The trouble with Mt Tamborine is there usually lots of tourists in cars driving very slow. Like Montville and Maleny, great places to visit for lunch or coffee but can be slow going. Parts of Mt Tamborine seem like every 2nd house has been converted to a B&B or art cafe or winery and while I enjoy all that I more often than not want to turn some wheels and just ride.


  1. Update

    The 'goat track' is closed. The mains raods website say for 4 weeks from the 23 of Oct, but it was closed since at least last Friday 20th Oct.

    There is plenty of signs to state road closed and you need to use the main road on and off the mountain.

    This is still a pretty good road if you can get a clean run.

    Aussie Buell

  2. Thanks, I noticed the goat track still closed today 24/11. Wasnt a bad run today on a weekday - guess I mostly have seen it only on weekends.

  3. Goat track still closed in March '07

  4. Rode up today from Beenleigh - very clear run, then down via Canungra goat track, and onto Nerang-Beaudesert, which was packed with traffic.
    Thank you for this amazing blog which helped me plan an enjoyable ride!


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