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Good motorcycle roads Northern NSW - Summerland Way

Summerland way
This road starts near Woodenbong in the middle of nowhere from the north and many people miss out on it's best section by riding down the Lions Road. There is a new section of road where the rough section once was and then you have excellent quality tar all the way to Kyogle.

Not really close to Brisbane or the Gold Coast you ride this as part of a day out. After the superb Mt Lindsey you cross into NSW and then turn left onto the start of the Summerland way after the forest and before descending to Woodenbong.

I like this road alot as its one of only a few with smooth sweepers that flow well. Once you have descended you will soon arrive on them and I defy any rider to not have a smile on the dial after riding that section of road.

After this the valley opens up into some spectacular farming land that looks right out of the Stateline TV show, wide and fast as you like, one of the few places where people start looking for extra power on smaller bikes or where bigger ones feel right at home. With the 'big skys' above it make for a nice enjoyable ride to Kyogle with a few more nice corners along the way in one or two parts but mostly open wide farming land green and very scenic. From Kyogle you will need fuel and a rest afterwards you can go on to Uki or reurn via the Lions Rd which I shall mention in another post.

The Summerland Way from Casino to Grafton (if heading further south) is by contrast not a very good motorcycle road. The picture below is of one of only a few corners in the 100km stretch - its really boring. It isnt rough though as some people seem to keep telling me, the surface is fine but I'd rather travel the Pacific h-way to Mclean then go on the old road beside the river that rejoins the summerland way before Grafton. Much better ride.

Even the car drivers get bored on this section of the road.

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