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Motorcycle Paradise

Good motorcycle roads Gold Coast - Nerang-Murwillumbah Road.

Nerang-Murwillumbah Rd, Advancetown , Qld.

Update 2011. Wrote this long ago, road has had some resurfacing in couple of spots and new road markers and remains excellent road surface. Known to attract the fast and the furious still and occasional unmarked patrol but mostly quiet these days.

The Nerang-Murwillumbah rd, I've often heard it incorrectly called the Advancetown or Numinbah Rd or Hinze Dam raceway/Advancetown Raceway - for reasons that will reveal themselves to you.

If you have just gone up Springbrook Mt following my Great Bike Roads No.1 then I described a turnoff to the right at the top of the main climb just after the green rural fire service water tank.
Turn right here for Pine Creek Rd, what was known as the 'Goat track' a name no longer suiting as its all sealed and quite a nice ride, rather steep and with a few nice corners. This will take you quickly down to the valley floor between Springbrook and Beechmont ranges. Turn right again at the bottom of Pine creek rd. From here runs a very popular road that goes through to Nerang and indeed you can choose to arrive on it from the other end by taking the Nerang exit from the motorway and following signs to Advancetown-Numinbah valley.

This road is a bit too popular at times and like Mt G on a fine Sunday attracts 100's of bikes. Not as notorious but still heavy police action at times.

EDIT: there had been a series of articles in the trashy tabloid Gold Coast Bulletin about hoons and bikers racing on this road and Beechmont which saw some heavy handed action by police on this and the Beechmont road. While this area does attract a lot of vehicles (think like Mt Glorious/The old road Sydney) the articles are sensationalism. 
So take it easy if caught up in one of the military style road blocks the police have been setting up. Answer their questions concisely and don't complain or engage in any conversation whatsoever with police. Make sure you have your bike in order and licence etc.  The rest of the southern hinterland remains mostly free of idiots and free of police so don't let this spoil your ride.

It is a superbly surveyed road of open sweeping corners that winds its way along the valley floor next to the Hinze Dam - and it joins Springbrook and Beechmont mountains. 

Curiously hard to photo - you have to some and see for yourself!

If you were to head south at the junction with Pine Crk Rd (turning left at bottom of Springbrook mountain) you will ride towards Numinbah Valley, I will describe this in another post as its really a different type of road alltogether.


  1. there has been a lot of work along this road over the last year or two but not much work on the road. the hinze dam upgrade has added an intersection, i think its a road to a boat ramp that is usually closed as it has a gate. the road at this point has new tar but the rest of it has deteriorated.

    its a great road overall but there is a pot hole very hard to avoid on the last 60k left heading north which has been there for well over a year.

  2. the pot hole has been repaired

  3. You can find this road and all my road listings on the new map I have added using the side menu.


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