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Motorcycle Paradise

Good motorcycle roads Gold Coast - Springbrook Mountain

Good Rides - Springbrook Mountain, QLD.

One of the best rides in the Gold Coast area. A climb up a small mountain which twists and winds its way along the edge in older style surveying.

The road has some leisurely sweeping corners before coming to a low concrete bridge that signals the start of a superb series of corners that doesnt ease up really until you are at the top.

Try to get past any slow cars on the straight before the concrete bridge or again on the straight before the picnic grounds as not too may places to pass until further up the mountain.

Narrow in parts and with two wooden bridges that need to be treated with care

Above photos - Pine Creek Rd - the western side of Springbrook Mt.

I mostly ride only to the Pine Crk road turnoff on the right to Advancetown/Numinbah valley, which is just after the colourful water tank on your left. However if you do go on to the top of the mountain proper there is a a number a good lookouts some like this (the canyon) look back to the gold coast and the ocean while others are on other side of range looking south over the numimbah valley. 3 or 4 cafes and coffee shops and one pub (that I can not recommend), try the English gardens cafe for a coffee at the very end of the road (now closed it seems).

Going down the other side used to be called 'the goat track' (a aussie term used for many a road that is not in the best shape if your reading this from abroad) and it used to be real bad - however pine crk rd has been sealed all the way for years and is a top ride in it own right.
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