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Motorcycle Paradise

Good motorcycle roads Gold Coast - Numinbah (Tyalgum)

Numinbah Valley & Tyalgum

Update 2011. Been some time since I posted this. The northern approach to Tyalgum has seen some resurfacing and is now much improved. The road from Murwillumbah has been under water a couple of times in floods and has some patches however they are mending this gradually.

Now whenever I ride the border ranges or northern NSW I return via Numinbah Valley. The road just rides much better in this direction giving you the benefit ascending the range where it works best going up in NSW and descending in QLD where it flows easy and you have the view right down the valley to enjoy.

Above: photos of Numinbah Valley Qld side then NSW side.

If you have never ridden the southern border ranges then this is a good starting point. From Mudgeeraba or Nerang you can ride Springbrook or Hinze Raceway as a popular prelude to the ride into the Numinbah valley.

You will enjoy some truly spectacular scenery which starts from the Numinbah village and peaks perhaps when climbing from the valley and crossing over into NSW. You will also pass the Natural Arch along the way which is well worth visiting if you have never been there before.

Over the border you will descend quickly to the valley floor, watch out on a couple of the first corners as they are deceptive for people on their first visit and again after Chillingham village are a couple of double apex corners to be aware of. Excellent views of the 'back' of Springbrook bluff from the valley floor if you can take your eyes off the road.

At the Boat Harbour creek you come to an intersection, and left over the bridge is the well beaten path to ride into Murwillumbah. Some excellent sweepers on the new road section and then through the cane fields to join the road from Currumbin into the town at the showgrounds.

Alternatively at the first intersection you can ride straight on and actually take a shorter route into town that by-passes the shops if you want to go straight on to the road to Uki.

Alternate route or side trip

Another way to bypass Murwillumbah is to go on to Uki via Tyalgum. Turn right at Chillingham and take it easy on the first bit before the road opens and improves in quality on to Tyalgum. This has the most spectacular views to your right and some nice curves along the way as well. 

At Tyalgum turn left to go towards Murwillumbah,  do not go straight ahead on this road (to Uki but not sealed all the way). Turn right to enter the historic township (well worth a visit). I like cafe here - but so do many people as its rather good - so arrive early or book a table.

Below: Tyalgum views, click to see larger photo.

Above and Below: Muwillumbah


  1. We have friends that live a Limpinwood - about half way between Tyalgum and Chillingham. And we'd Always visit them via the road from Nerang.

    Sometimes we'd stay the night. Other times we'd head home near the end of the day. Either way, just getting into that area recharged our internal batteries.


  2. An awesome road ridden at reasonable speeds. As report identifies, caution required for the corners after you cross over into NSW as many are deceptive and the surface can be an issue on some corners.

    I must have ridden this road 0ver 500 times in last few years and every time I see something new. Police on this road are now doing timed Km's to get around the lack of good radar places so be warned. Cruise and enjoy the scenery on the first sections and don't be tempted by the kilometer long straights.

    Be aware of narrow causeways, tourists in cages. Good cafe at the start of the climb and a great watering hole at Tumbulgum once you come through Murwullimbah, take the tweed valley way back to the M1 at Tweed Heads.

  3. Sorry for lack of updates to these original posts on the site.
    If I can get back to Australia in future I will renew.


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