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Motorcycle Paradise

Good motorcycle roads Brisbane - Kenilworth

Follow the signs west out of Maleny and after a spell you will come to the edge of the range that you have been riding along and descend down. Nice hotmix and on most of road down the range with some good corners and esses to enjoy.

Lower section of range from Conondale to Maleny.

Beyond the village of Conondale the road has some mixed patches of one lane still as the road is slowly being widened. A few nice bits couple of good corners in parts and then as you get close to Kenilworth there is a ripper road in the forest east of the township with a great flow with lots of wide and smooth corners and a set of wonderful hotmix 90 degree corners to enjoy.

Above - west of Conondale
Below - start of the fun near Kenilworth.

Good food available at Kenilworth as well as drinks and fuel if needed.
Try the Bellbird cafe just before Kenilworth, very biker friendly place!