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Good motorcycle roads Brisbane - Maleny


Actually the road I want to talk about is called Booroobin Rd which then becomes Maleny-Stanley River Rd. Someone once told me some bikers referred to this as a hidden road. Apparently it was unsealed for long time so people didn't know about it as much as other routes.

After Mt Mee turn to Woodford and go through town, stop for a coffee if you want, then just past Woodford you there turn right towards Peachester/Maleny on the Kilcoy-Beerwah road. Follow this a mostly straight road, watch your pace the gentle sweepers have unfortunately got some bad press for high speed accidents, ascend the short but sweet hill with nice smooth hotmix. Watch out for the reducing radius 40k posted corner that tightens and claimed a number of bikes. At the top instead of following the road right to Peachester turn left to Maleny.

Now you have a superb forest road section with some great corners that reminds me a bit of Mt Glorious for some reason and a small steep hill with some very tight corners before the road opens and follows along the top of the mountain ridge. This is the best part and one of the best rides on the north side IMO.

This is enjoyable road because of the flow of gentle rises and falls with predictable road surveying. Before Maleny if wanting to avoid the congestion and are going further north-east then you might wish to turn right on to Mountain view road to the lookout and Mary Cairncross park and then you can continue past the park and turn left on Landsborough-Maleny rd and still enter Maleny or go right on Maleny-Montville rd to Mapelton. (their real big on dual name roads in these parts as you will see) Other wise the most popular route is straight on and west.

Plenty of good food and coffee at many cafes in Maleny. Fuel also available there.