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Motorcycle Paradise

Good motorcycle roads Brisbane - Mt Glorious (Mt Nebo)

Mt Glorious (Mt Nebo)

Brisbane most popular bike ride is a terrific set of bends, however it's not been without its problems. I used to go there often when starting out on road bikes, it was close and I liked the buzz of all the other bikes there. I got lured into the scene so to speak and wound up riding much too fast there myself before coming to my senses and moving on. Some young guys unfortunately get caught up in testing themselves or trying to prove themselves to others and ride beyond their capabilities. The lucky survive but many have died on this road. After I moved on to ride elsewhere I occasionally was going here for coffee at the cafe, I lived just 30 minutes away, but every Saturday or Sunday I went I would soon hear the wail of ambulance and fire rescue vehicles coming for yet again another crash. It got depressing and I stopped going entirely.

The other aspect is you are at risk on these sort of roads from being hit by oncoming bikes that ride beyond their capability and run wide. The has been innocent riders killed here and the Nerang-Murwillumbah road by idiots that rode too fast and collided with them. After the Fast and Furious movies came out and drifting took off those guys also came to like this road and add another layer of risk as they often have only a fraction of the skills needed to control their vehicles and can slide out or run wide into your lane.

That said it is a nice ride. Week day or weekend in the afternoon after lunch when the sports bike guys wearing race suits have returned home is best time to go there.

Starting at The Gap you have a terrific set of twisty corners as the road winds along the mountain ridges on through Nebo village and then up and in to Mt Glorious village. Before there a road from Samford joins which is a extremely tight and steep mountain climb and very popular with a lot of riders (but very short compared to the Nebo section)

After Mt Glorious village its on into the rainforest on the start of the Northbrook Parkway section and then down a very steep decent to the open sweepers all the way to the intersection. Here you can ride left to Fernvale or right to Kilcoy, both are nice rides in their own way and listed elsewhere on this blog.

Look at the age of that bike below - Honda Tiger Blade which was a new bike when I took that photo - using a film camera for my 'home page' the web site I had before this blog around 1995.

Please please take it easy riding 'Mt G'.

* Always ride well within your limitations. 
* Don't try to follow faster riders.
* Don't speed up when a fast rider closes behind you, put your left indicator on, slow slightly, then wave them past. Then you can return to enjoying your ride at your pace.
* Enjoy the curves rather than try ride them as quick as possible.
* Nobody else cares how fast or slow you are riding - do you worry about what others are doing - no so neither are they thinking of what you are doing.
* If you arrive 60 seconds later than them to the end it won't make you look bad to anyone - but crashing will.

If one guy sculls a beer at the pub you need not do the same. That's his choice no need to start a competition. You just drink at your pace and saviour the flavour of each mouthful. Same here, don't think you have to ride faster or fit into the racer scene. I know the attraction when younger to belong to something, been there myself, but going your own way is much better, doing your own thing is much cooler to others too.