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Motorcycle Paradise

Good motorcycle roads Gold Coast - Beechmont mountain

Beechmont Mountain

Update 2011: Been a long time since I first wrote about this road so time for an update. The western side has seen extensive resurfacing and is now almost all good surface. The section between Lower Beechmont general store and the old Bavarian Hut has been resurfaced with some new survey work and the lower eastern side was resurfaced some time back and remains good. This is now one of the best rides on the south IMO. Cafe next to general store is biker friendly and has excellent food and coffee. 

Beechmont is another very popular motorcycle road in the southern Gold Coast Hinterland region. On any Sunday you will find 100's of motorcycles riding this road and enjoying the magnificent views to the ocean and of the valleys and near by mountains of the hinterland.

From the intersection in from Nerang you are presented with a superb series of hotmix corners as the road winds its way up the side of the mountain to Lower Beechmont.

Just prior to the general store at Lower Beechmont is a lookout on the right that is well worth visting as it offers expansive views over the Springbrook mountain in front and the border ranges beyond, the Hinze dam in the foreground and Gold Coast to the ocean to the left. The general store does burgers and light food however since the ownership changed the food varies.

A not well known thing is if you stop at the Hall then you will find one of the best views I have come across, photos do not do this justice.

Riding on top of the range is not bad either!

Further up the road enters the high dairy fields area on top of the mountain with more superb views and you can ride over the top and down to Canugra via a steep descent with a many more nice corners down lower but average road surface for the most part. (update - other side upper road now resurfaced and widened - lower still bumpy)

Below - western side of Beechmont

From Canungra you could go up the goat track to Mt Tamborine or back across to almost where you began the climb up Beechmont via Nerang Beaudesert Rd and Clagiraba Rd or up Mt Tamborine via Henry Roberts drive - see my 'side roads' post later about all the small interconnecting roads in this area.

If you turn left at Beechmont township itself you head to Binna Burra which is a mountain retreat lodge. (update - this road now improved and new cafe at top see relevant post)

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  1. In recent months (Jan-Feb '08) there has been some road maintenance on the lower section of Beechmont Rd, leaving a grooved, dusty patch for about 1 km. The works have been poorly filled with a 1.5cm edge, so take care on this section.

    The worst part is they ruined some of the best corners on the way up there.

  2. They have changed the speed limit to nearly all of the road to 60 kmh

  3. I was contemplating whether or not to go up there today and I almost changed my mind when i caught up with a bit of drizzle on Mt Tambourine i thought i'd wait it out by getting some gas and a snack to eat. Sooo glad i did, the section of road between lower beechmont and the nerang intersection is so much fun... i can see why it is popular, i'd never hit it on the weekend as i can see how crazy it could get. It's purely a week day spot for me... think i might go again

  4. I actually have not ridden it for ages however it is a great ride. Do turn off to the lookout on a clear day, one of the better view points.

  5. Great pics, I live up here and the roads are awesome!

  6. Been up there last weekend and yep is an awesome road to ride on.
    Some Spots on the road need repairs but if you control your wrist by not over speeding you will be fine.
    Live here and go up often to Flying bean cafe .the view is crazy.


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