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Motorcycle Paradise

Good motorcycle roads - Boonah

Beaudesert - Boonah Rd

From Brisbane take the Beaudesert Rd all the way to Beaudesert, about 45 mins ride. Riding through town turn right at the lights where sign posted to Boonah and continue slightly out of town before turning right again.

A mostly open road with a few mild changes of direction and a few gentle corners before a few high speed sweepers, this road has become very popular in recent years. Nice enough road however I don't find it a very engaging ride at anything close to the speed limit. A road popular for people wanting to open up their machines a little.

This was originally a favourite road of cruisers - used to see many a Harley or Wing out this way and rarely a sports bike but recent years has seen the road swamped by the one piece suit crowd and track bikes on a Sunday morning. I have not ridden it in years. 


  1. Hi IronChef,

    First off the bat i have to say this is a great site. I have done many a trip based on what i have seen here, including the Boonah - Beaudesert rd.
    I recently redid this road and i have to comment on the police presence. In a trip up and back i was stopped twice for a breath test by different units, and passed a patrol car with mounted camera.
    Just a heads up for others heading that way

  2. This road has become very popular thus it would be wise to expect the police to take a look now and again however having said that it's still between two country towns with limited resources so that should not be often enough to spoil it.

    I am yet to encounter police on this road or via Walloon.


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