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Motorcycle Paradise

Good motorcycle roads Brisbane - Palmwoods

From Maleny if you ride to Mapelton there are some enjoyable roads down the valley below.

From Mapelton decend down towards Nambour and turn off to the right into Dulong road half way down. Its on a left hand bend with a sign post to Dulong lookout, you might want to ride the few nice corners that lay just after this turnoff (pictured below) and then return back to it.

This road is a really fun little ride - I was told about it by a local rider at the BP Mapelton one morning and its another of those hidden roads. It decends all the way to the valley floor with some very nice corners. The thing is mostly going down hill doesnt flow as nice as going up - but this works a treat - its my favourite decent I think.

Now once at the bottom there are a couple of intersections - you need only remember to turn right and right again at the 2 T junctions to get to Palmwoods.

(But to elaborate... the road actually changes names a few times, then at first T turn right onto Blackall range-Dulong road, shortly after vear left (just follow main rd) onto Rieds Rd and then shortly after come to 2nd T. Turn right again onto Old Palmwoods road, follow this into Palmwoods, follow main rd left at bottom of hill before town, now on Jubilee drive but road looks same, shortly will arrive Palmwoods. Turn right to enter town. Easy route -just follow signs.

At Palmwoods one option is to ride along the valley and return via Peachester - I shall post this elsewhere but to return to the top of the mountain again to ride back to Maleny then after riding through Palmwoods village keep heading straight and follow the main road which is now the Palmwoods-Montville road.

This will become a very steep twisty mountian climb - but some really bumpy surface in some parts of the range and some that just looks rough - but isnt bad at all - I actually like this road but its not for everyone perhaps.

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