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Motorcycle Paradise

Good motorcycle roads Gold Coast - Currumbin

Currumbin Range

This is always a good ride and I enjoy this road much more then Numinbah Valley now.

From Murwillumbah you can return to the M1 via this or Numbinbah Valley, simply follow signs on road north from town centre past showgrounds or from Brisbane side you travel past Robina on the M1 and follow the exit signs before Coolangatta to Currumbin valley.

Or if you might look at my ride reports and note that I ride from Mudgeeraba to Currumbin Valley by side roads. This is a work in progress but have a look at google map and you will see how its possible, try via Old Coach Rd then Tullebudgera connection road.

While its superb in either direction I prefer riding it from the south, there is a nice climb up the range on the southern side followed by some very tight corners at the top. There is a lookout or 2 signposted but dont bother stopping as you cannot see much from any of them (update - trees thinned out in one section - pic of mt warning below taken just from road)
Once over the border the road runs along the mountain for a while with many excellent curves as it slowly starts to decend before the last steep decent to a T intersection.

If you turn right you head back to the highway or turn left to the 'rock pool' for another set of nice corners in 3 or 4 seperate little twisty hillside sections - great!

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  1. Have done this ride many times and is a top one.
    No longer living in the area bbut try to get back that way at least once a year.
    I recommend the trip south thru the Numinba Valley then return from Murwillumba via this route


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