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Hello, my name is Warren. Daydreamer, lover of spicy food and wine snob.
Motorcycle Paradise is a blog for people who ride. Inside you will find my two wheel travel stories and occasional observations on the absurdity of life.
I’m not seeking perceived kudos, followers or desire to be a influencer. I just ride motorcycles. Nothing for sale here, the bad grammar and typos are free.
Background. The name of the blog is what a former Australian motorcycle magazine editor declared about the area where I used to ride. The selfie at the bottom of this page taken on my last visit there.
Some content pre dates this blog having been ported from my previous motorcycle rides ‘home page’ (remember them), and those old 90’s photos tend to not be great quality unfortunately.  

My current base is near Tokyo, you’re welcome to contact me if travelling this way to have a chat or a coffee.
Lastly you may find old references to ‘Iron Chef’. When Blogger launched Google prompted you to create an alias and at the time the crazy TV show was a hit in Australia. Fate led me to later meet the real Iron Chef 坂井 宏行 Sakai Hiroyuki. 



  • No ‘reblogging’ or other duplication of any material here is permitted.
  • All photos unless otherwise stated are originals and are not provided for use elsewhere without my written permission.
  • No responsibility is accepted for use of any information contained herein by anyone including third parties.
  • Comments are the opinion of that person and are not attributable to me.

Copyright 2006-2018 Warren Mallett.


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