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Motorcycle Paradise

How to best view this site

A quick post to explain the way this blog is displayed will vary depending on what device and browser you are using.


Above is how it is designed to look on PC left and Phone right.

The best viewing experience is on a PC with Google Chrome browser. I realise less people might access it that way but it is a magazine site is primarily designed for big screen.

On a small screens you get a mobile version. There are limits with what can be done but the tiled format that some readers did not when introduced suits a phone much better than traditional text type blogs. If using a phone you can try changing the orientation from portrait to landscape, ie turning your phone 90 degrees to get wide view.  

Known issues.

If using Firefox or Microsoft Edge then these browsers may display text in a incorrect font. Apologies I was not aware as I never use these browsers - I am seeking help on this issue.

For tablets, the side menus may cascade open by default, this doesn’t affect using the site but is not how it should display, again have requested help.

The Instagram gadget may also can stop showing thumbnails and is being investigated.

Someone messaged me they could not bear reading the grey text on brown background. This scheme is widely used without issues but if your screen is not calibrated the colours, gamma, contrast and brightness may affect how legible the site (and others) appear. I had a Asus notebook previously that had a wildly inaccurate LCD panel which I never realised until I had it side by side another PC and saw how poor my display was. Windows has built in screen calibration tool to assist with this but it is hard to fix if the panel has a issue. 


If you notice any other issues on the blog then I’d really appreciate a quick message.



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