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Best Motorcycle Roads New Zealand

With the demise of the other sites listing good roads in New Zealand I have decided to try document them myself.

This will probably lack some local knowledge however I have ridden there 3 times and also driven around the country and have covered a good portion of the roads listed in the now out of print New Zealand Motorcycle Atlas. I have traced all the roads I have travelled that I know to be good onto this map and then added another 30% that I know of but have not ridden personally yet. I think it is a good start and will work to get the road names improved and add any suggestions I am provided.

You can view full screen by clicking the bracket sign in the upper right corner.



  1. Some great rides there but South Island has to take my pick

    1. So many nice roads. When I was compiling this I really felt the urge to plan a new trip to NZ. I like both islands but I have not been to the South for some years now so I will aim to revisit that in detail perhaps late 2018.

  2. Have always wanted to go to New Zealand, seems like a beautiful place to visit. My dream would be to rent a motorcycle, and tour the islands that way. Maybe someday.

    1. Craig it is one of the best places to ride in the world. Very easy place to visit and ride and superb scenery and roads.