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Ride List – Rest of World

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I am riding more in Asia but this is because when younger I was focussed on Europe. My first big trip was to the UK as a clueless backpacker with a Eurail pass. I returned and purchased a camper van in UK and drove around western Europe for few months. Not sure what I was looking for in Europe but I returned twice more, once on a tour with Intrepid Travel which was the holiday from hell scaring me off group travel for years. In between this I went  to USA and Canada which I enjoyed far more but all the time I ignored New Zealand and Asia for reasons I now cannot understand. Well that’s a little background. I have a plan to do more rides elsewhere so hope to fill out this list in the future.


2016 Sicily – Took 15 years from when I first purchased tickets to Sicily to finally get there. One of a handful of places in Europe I really loved visiting (despite the crazy drivers).

2016 Spain – Andalucía was amazing motorcycle riding and Spain a fantastic travel destination. Cannot believe I missed visiting here on my extended travels around Europe when I was young.

2015 Ireland – I had some challenging conditions to deal with, both weather and an injury which combined to really get the better of me but it is such a beautiful place.

2012 USA and Canada – One of my most favourite rides and the place I most want to return to and do a bigger cross country road trip but that is not affordable renting so will be part of something much bigger in the future.

2010 Europe Alps – Germany, Austria, Liechtenstein,  Switzerland,  Italy. I joined a tour for my first overseas ride despite having driven around Europe in a van when young and this proved a good choice as very professional operation ensured a great time.  

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