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Hope you like the new site format. I think it is a big step forward.

The blogs I read list did not carry over and I cannot remember it exactly so if I have forgotten anyone I apologize and hopefully will fix that mistake soon. There is no comments section in this part of the blog. I think I will just leave this area simple and without comments or images as the posts here do not cascade/archive and things would become a mess.

If you are wondering the Kanji symbols on the slider photos are the four seasons, left to right Summer, Autumn, Winter and Spring. The changing of the seasons in Japan is a significant influence on the way the country looks and the culture.

With golden week holidays ended I am setting off this weekend for an ambitious 14 day island hopping ride in Japan. This is my first ride here since October last year which is a reflection of how long the winter is and how difficult I find it to get out of my current location in part of greater Tokyo. The weather in the lead up has been great and really hope that continues so I have a nice ride. But this is Japan so I will have four seasons of riding gear with me just in case.

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