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Traditional magazine sites

Australian Motorcycle Diaries - Bandit RiderBike tech 7

Confessions of an Ageing Motorcyclist - Experimental Ghost - Find me on the road

Fuzzy GaloreGaijin Bikers in JapanGirl on a Beemer

Lady on Motorbike - Motorcycle MeandersMoto Japan

On Her Bike - Orsons Travel Blog - On The Back Wheel

Riding on a VStarSarawak Adventure Rider - Tales from the roadTwo Wheel Obsession

Tarsnakes - The Church of the Open Road Press - The Road to Nowhere

 Tombstones Travels - Trobairitz' Tablet - Vaune PhanZed14

Plenty more good blogs out there to inspire or entertain which I will add as I think of it. Some of my riding was inspired by Sarawak Adventure Rider and Orson’s travel blog which sadly is no longer being maintained so read before it is broken.


Some of the best ride reports I have read were on the ADV Forum.

Three favourites from there are:

Ride for Smiles 

Sheldon is from my former home riding region and after a horrific car accident he decides having been given a second chance at life to see how far he might ride a bike which turns into a five year round the world adventure.

The report takes a while to hit its stride however if you can stick with it and skip the too aussie sense of humour it will draw you in especially once he has a partner join him riding the globe.

Around the world in 800 days / Ed-Venn-Ture the next 800 days

This is also a five year round the world ride which ran at similar time to Sheldon’s ride above so I was enjoying to read both each week. It starts out with wine and hotels but then shifts gear to a very different type of journey as Ed evolves and continuously pushes boundaries even when you think he can’t push anymore.

Angola, its not like they said

The ride reports above take months to read, this one is easy to enjoy in one sitting. Starts off as a bit of a lark but develops into a seriously dangerous edge of the seat story. If you only read one ride report on ADV make it this one.


I don’t come across too much video blogging that I find worth watching. The typical GoPro footage all looks the same to me and unless on the Isle of Man at 350kph its boring to watch. But this YouTube channel is entertaining.

C90 Adventures


By it’s design Facebook content becomes lost so I find it a poor information archive. I follow a guy that I used to find abrasive and overbearing on forums however now I tend to agree with pretty much everything he is saying which goes to show I have been clueless to the world around me most of my life.

Boris Mihailovic